WhiskersAs a tournament angler I am always looking for a competitive advantage, something that not everyone has. Over the past few years there have been many technological advances in the fishing industry. Some of the changes have been drastic like the addition of GPS maps, side scanning, now even forward scanning with the new Garmin units. Other advantages over the competition include the likes of Hydrowave sound units, Livingston’s Electronic Baitfish Sound emitting hard baits, and U.V. technology in soft baits.

This year I am adding whisker technology to my soft plastic baits. Tight Lines UV has developed a line of soft plastics that include what we know as jig skirts into the baits. I’m not eliminating my old Tight Lines UV baits, I am just adding the whisker baits to offer bass a different look.

There are a few things I like about the whisker baits. First, it allows me to fish the bait slower, while still having enough movement to entice a curious bass to strike. It also has a bigger profile than the same bait without the whiskers built in, which should lead to bigger fish.

Over the past few years punch skirts have become very popular. Using a whiskered soft plastic instead of a punch skirt can be more convenient and I believe just as effective.

My favorite Tight Lines UV bait is the UV Beaver, and that’ll be my go to bait in the whisker line up as well. However, this time of year, as fish are starting to move towards the spawning flats the UV Hog is tough to beat. Click Here to Check It Out on Tight Lines UV website